Stay Safe During Hurricane Irene

As you are probably well aware, it appears as though Maine will be affected by Hurricane Irene on Sunday and Monday. It is difficult to predict the strength
and impact of the storm and I am certainly no meteorologist; but I thought I
would share a few resources to consider in preparation of the event.

Maine Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) offers a Maine Prepares website with useful tips to help you prepare for a hurricane three days, two days, and one day before the storm arrives; as well as what to do during and immediately after the hurricane. It also has advice for what to do if you lose power. Click here to view the website and learn more about how to prepare.

MEMA also provides a list of suggested items as part of your Home Emergency Supplies and a Grab-n-Go Bag. Plan for 3 to 7 days of supplies at home. If evacuating with your Grab-N-Go bag to a place with food and water, 1-2 days of supply for those items may be enough. To view the full list, click here.

Maine Public Health Association highlights a “Get ME Ready” kit to prepare for an emergency. More information can be found here.

In the event of a loss of power, it is important to be very careful when using devices that can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. Please view MEMA’s webpage on safety precautions to avoid this danger.

Click here to sign up for email updates and/or text message alerts from MEMA.

Stay safe!

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