City Audit: Where Do Our Taxpayer Dollars Go?

Last week, the council heard from certified public accountants, Runyon Kersteen Ouellette (RKO), in an annual financial overview of the City of Augusta. The city audit helps highlight the city’s financial operating results.

Now, I am not a former commercial lender like my good seatmate, Councilor Mike Byron, so I do a better job understanding the city’s finances with graphs and pie charts. RKO did a great job presenting their findings and their audit is very helpful and informative, especially as the city prepares to start its budget discussion.

Here are three graphs provided by RKO that might be of interest to you.

The blue line shows the city property tax rate.

I hope this information is useful in learning a little about how the the city generates revenue and how it is used.

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  1. Property tax rate chart is deceiving, yes tax rates went down, but property values went for a net increase in taxes paid.

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