The Kennebec Locke at Head Tide

As part of the city’s effort to clean up the former American Tissue Mill site, the City of Augusta was awarded a federal grant to hire a consultant to create a redevelopment and reuse plan for the brownfield. The project follows the work of the Eastside Planning Committee and the “Our Future is Now” report. As Chairman of the committee, it is great to see a visual and concept for this part of Augusta. I am excited to share the results of the great work done by Eaton Peabody, Port City Architecture, and Mitchell & Associates. I truly believe this site plan may be the “spark” needed to bring economic and community opportunity to the former mill property. As John Melrose mentioned in his presentation, this can be a community of the future for the City of Augusta. I agree. Please let me know what you think.
City Market and Retail Space
City Market with Train Station in Background
Office Buildings

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