GAUD Work Happening Around Augusta

In addition to all the road projects happening around the city, the Greater Augusta Utility District (GAUD) will be doing its work. It will be doing work at the MDOT work sites on Stone Street, Hospital Street, Western Avenue, and Mt. Vernon Avenue. They also have the following projects scheduled:

New England Road: storm water upgrade. Anticipated start in May.

Arsenal Street: storm water separation.

Boucher Avenue: water main replacement. Anticipated start in August.

Meadowlands: water main loop. Anticipated start in May.

Ridgewood Drive: water main replacement. Anticipated start in June.

Additional GAUD projects are planned on School Street (water main replacement), Capitol Street (storm water outfall stabilization), Alderwood Drive (redundant water main), and other streets that may be paved by the city.

Click here to view the GAUD daily work schedule.

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