Quality Neighborhoods and Schools

Located in the Capital of the State of Maine, the Augusta School Department is one of the larger school systems in Maine, with four elementary schools, one high school, a technical school and a large adult education population. Approximately 2,300 students attend school during the day and another 1,500 attend in the evening.  Students are provided with a rich and comprehensive educational experience.

Cony High School

Cony Middle School

Farrington Elementary School is located between the Fairview and Mayfair neighborhoods in the southeast area of Augusta.

Gilbert Elementary School is located in the Townsend Road and Northern Avenue neighborhoods in northwest Augusta.

Hussey Elementary School is located in the Quimby Street neighborhood in northeast Augusta.

Lincoln Elementary School is located in the historic westside neighborhood in southwest Augusta.  

Augusta is comprised of distinct residential areas that cross all boundaries – traditional in-town neighborhoods, modern housing developments, rural living, lakeside homes, and first-class retirement opportunities. They are all available in Augusta.

Mayfair/Fairview Neighborhood. Quiet and walkable streets in established in-town neighborhoods, convenient to the Kennebec River and Cony High School.

Togus Pond and Rural Eastside.

Bangor Street/South Belfast Avenue.

Ganneston/Capitol Street/Sewall Street. Excellent in-town neighborhoods and a variety of multi-family units surrounding the scenic, historic center of Maine’s state government. Easy access to many consumer services.

Historic Westside Neighborhood. Augusta’s most historic and beautiful in-town neighborhood. Elegant single family homes and multi-family options with easy access to Augusta’s downtown and major transportation corridors. 

Sand Hill.


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